Sketching a moment

While in holidays, I sketched a little. Sketching is like bicycling, you never lose it even if you stop for a while! Of all the sketches I did,  these are my favorite. I did not realize, when doing them, that I was sketching a moment, the last evening, the last swim, a peaceful and tranquil moment in family in Provence .

Je n’ai pas beaucoup dessiné en vacances, mais dessiner c’est comme faire de la bicyclette, ça ne se perd pas même si on s’arrête un moment. De tout ce que j’ai dessiné, ceux-ci sont mes préférés. En les faisant,  je ne me suis pas rendue compte que je dessinais un moment, la dernière soirée, le dernier bain, un moment tranquille et familial en Provence.


5 thoughts on “Sketching a moment

  1. oh. yes. sketching, catching, keeping that moment. beautiful and aloha Benedicte – yeah, you caught these moments well on these pages. the first one caught my eye as elegant – but i really like the lower left figure. there is a lot of feeling in this one that draws me in with the body language you’ve caught – and i like the way the background becomes the foreground of the back of the figure. cool. – aloha

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