E finita la dolce vita!

blue landscape in a pool, unretouched photo.

After a few weeks of dolce vita, I have to get back in the swing! The past weeks were like holidays should be: different, fun, warm. Not too much drawing done but a lot of pictures taken, a lot of good food eaten, a lot of  beautiful images in my mind…just have to let them go on paper.

Après la dolce vita c’est maintenant le retour. Ces dernières semaines ont été de parfaites vacances: différentes, marrantes, chaudes. Pas beaucoup de dessin mais beaucoup de photos prises, beaucoup de bonnes choses dégustées et beaucoup de belles images en tête…il n’y a plus qu’a les mettre sur papier


5 thoughts on “E finita la dolce vita!

  1. aloha Benedicte – very cool blue pool. fun.

    welcome back, and yeah, i’m looking forward to watching how your trip will inspire and influence your work.

    travel has always done that for me – a new perspective, a fresh look, new ideas, new directions, new growth… whether i draw much on the travels or not.

    yeah, let it out on paper – i like that (or in digital technology…). cool and way fun. aloha

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