la girafe suspicieuse

Via Flickr:
suspicious girafe.

zenbrush on ipod fingerpainted


4 thoughts on “la girafe suspicieuse

  1. the essence of giraffe in such a few lines. and finger prints. yeah i like this. …and yeah too….

    oh. i do like my iPad2. now clarify for me… you work on an iPod? is that correct? wow, even more amazing.

    and yeah, i now have 3 drawing/art apps. and one of them is zen brush – which is quickly becoming one of my favorites. . . as well as some note apps that allow me to draw too.

    so far i have only posted a couple of early learning things but wow. oh wow. what fun. i have not posted a pure zen brush work. heck i dont think i’ve posted a combination zen brush work now that i think about it. i may have to remedy that.

    it’s not easy to post to WP directly from the iPad – yet. i can, i’ve learned how. but i think when they come out with the new updated version app it will be easier.

    thank you for whetting my appetite in this direction Benedicte. it’s way too much fun. aloha. bwahahahahahahahaa, i wanna go draw on my iPad2!

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