Sketching or walking the dog

 Montreal musée des beaux-arts

Vue du musée

Sketched with sharpie marker, on site, coloured with a wacom tablet and photoshop.

Sketching outside is like walking the dog, people come around, look at the dog or the drawing, and start talking. I can see when they are not impressed but they are always very indulgent. For these drawings, a guy told me when I left:  a very difficult subject…maybe next time.

Dessiner dehors c’est comme promener le chien, les gens viennent autour, regardent le chien ou le dessin et commencent à parler. Je vois quand ils ne sont pas impressionnés mais ils sont toujours indulgents. Pour ces dessins , un type m’a dit: un sujet très difficile…la prochaine fois peut-être.


13 thoughts on “Sketching or walking the dog

  1. “un sujet très difficile…la prochaine fois peut-être” ?? That’s when I hand him the notebook and give him his turn! C’est vraiment difficile et la prochaine fois sera quelque choses tres different, mais ces dessins sont tres bels et vifs.

    At first I thought from your title that you were saying that you did the drawings while out walking the dog, to which I was going to remark: “I gotta get me a dog!” These are wonderful. Ignores les types, ils ne savent pas rien.

    • In fact, this “type” was highly qualified, he was a Chinese artist, and he showed me some pictures of oil portraits and ” portrait en pied” (full portrait?). Perfect realistic technique. He can draw anything. I wanted to explain that I am not looking for realistic drawings but more for the impression of the moment…
      Merci Aletha, je sais que je n’ai pas besoin de t’expliquer.

  2. Wonderrful – I love them both, especially the colours (why don’t people just mind their own business – that would put me off painting/drawing in public – not that I do that sort of thing 😉 – at least writing is generally a private affair, even if done in public)

  3. The first time I venture outside to draw I was petrified and not a good thing to move the pencil around. Now I do not mind and I meet nice people.
    For sure when you are writing, people do not read over your shoulder!
    Thank you Gabrielle

  4. aloha Benedicte – yeah – these are cool especially the process.

    and hey. yeah, i know chinese artists can draw in some cases. still, he’s only thinking in his own terms. had you handed him your wacom tablet would he know what to do? may be. he may be good in his practiced way. you are exploring in a non-practiced way. it takes a lot more courage to do that than to do what you already know (imo). just a different philosophy and approach to art. can he see that? may be. may be not… i’m sure he’s very good at what he does. …so… why wasnt he doing it? …where as you ARE doing it. and where is his blog? bwahahahahaah. rant over.

    as an aside… i’m seriously looking at an ipad2. okay. there may be some dream in that still. however… i am looking and asking questions. and i like what i see. AND what i’ve seen you do on yours. and that’s inspiring. cool on that too. aloha.

    • I think that we all struggle for a balance between technique and creativity. When the technical skills prevail on creativity it becomes empty, for me anyway. Very hard to balance that.
      Art schools are in a way a paradox, asking the students to learn from their teachers but to stay unique…again an other discussion!
      Great that you are looking into ipad. I really love to draw on my ipod, even if the screen is small. Waiting to see what you do.
      Thank you Rick for your always interesting comment.

      • yeah, as a side note Benedicte – i remember reading a statement or some such attribution by someone well known most likely, that went something like: “You can not teach Art, you can only teach around Art and hope they find their way.” – okay, that’s probably not what was said at all – but i think it’s close may be to what was meant. or. if not, – heck, i’ll say it then. become your own you – that is the way of art.

  5. I’m with Rick — the approach of ce type est tres stereotypique (mon premier pun francais!). He thinks his manner of drawing is “it.” Bravo for him. Really. But for him to assume that the same ideas make it for everyone else just shows the limits of his gig.

    You have not had good luck with the Orient, Ben! Doesn’t he know that the French practically INVENTED painting!!! What were his teachers doing when Lascaux was being decorated??? Ay!

    Well you will learn great patience, anyway (smile/sourire)

    • bonjour Aletha, et merci pour cette reponse bilingue,
      actually, I really admire oriental art, not what he was doing (clearly western view)
      I would have like to see more of his art and see if he was mixing both cultures, if it was personal.
      Very true, some artists are very limited, so short sight, not good for art!
      I have to check what was going on in China when Lascaux was being painted! I bet they had good artists too.

  6. That guy who commented your sketches clearly can’t imagine that drawings like yours can be produced only as a result of a process; they may seem easy but I know they aren’t at all! I’m particularly impressed by the first one, it shows a very interesting linework!

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