A conversation

You can read our full conversation  in Julia Kay’s blog.

Vous pouvez lire notre conversation entière dans le blog Julia Kay


4 thoughts on “A conversation

  1. Fabulous conversation! It so communicates the beauty available through making things and the ways that drawing can be a foundation for things large and small. And Joan Ramon’s drawings are amazing!

    • thank you very much Aletha, and thank you for commenting too on JK”S blog.
      I agree so much with drawing being the foundation of many things. It should be a daily practice for every one!
      Joan Ramon’s drawing are really beautiful, I am glad you mentioned it.

  2. I really enjoyed that ‘conversation’ – very interesting. I do agree with you that most buildings are pretty boring and square etc., – there are obviously wonderful examples of the opposite (like the Sydney Opera house and the links that Joan gave) but overall, there is not much deviation (in my opinion) or not enough – we need more curves 🙂

    • Thank you Gabrielle. Yes we need more curves! Suit me since I have more curves myself now!
      I always loved the Sydney Opera house, elegant, well placed, like a gigantic sea shell.
      I really think that the practice of art can make people more aware of the visual world and therefore ask for more…more art in schools!

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