Why do you blog…

I was asked by a friend blogger Gabrielle, why do I blog and what I loved most in blogging. My answer was these two pages of doodling. They are great questions  and not just for blogging. Why do you draw, why do you write, why do you sing? Answering is sometimes surprising.

Mon amie blogueuse Gabrielle m’a demandé il y a quelques temps, pourquoi je bloguais et qu’est-ce que j’aimais dans le fait de bloguer. J’ai répondu avec  ces deux pages de gribouillages. Ce sont de bonnes questions et pas seulement pour bloguer. Pourquoi tu dessines, tu écris, tu chantes? Y répondre peut-être surprenant.


6 thoughts on “Why do you blog…

  1. I loved your doodles – one of the best series of answers to my questions. You have reminded me that it might be time for me to answer my own questions – haha – but why do I blog? Maybe I should write a poem about it! Thanks Ben 🙂

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