Sketch Club app.

good boy!
Bonjour M. Pollock imaginary landscape Timothy Schorre with Sketch Club

Sketch Club is the new drawing app I got for the ipod. Why an other app? Because it is hard to resist to an app that gives you many features, layers, brushes, mode for under 2$.

Sketch Club est la dernière application de dessin que je viens d’acheter pour le ipod. Pourquoi une autre application? Parceque c’est un peu dur de résister a toutes ces possibilités, pinceaux, calques, modes, pour un peu moins de 2$.


5 thoughts on “Sketch Club app.

  1. These applications are amazing – so versatile. I love your pictures, particularly the caricature (the last one) and the Pollock one – haha – I saw Jackson Pollocks ‘Blue Poles’ when I was a little girl in Brisbane – the Whitlam Government had purchased the painting for over 1 million dollars and people were outraged at the extravagance (now it might be worth upwards to $150 million).

    • Yes, these apps are amazing, like internet.
      Amazing to think back at how it was when I was young!
      Thanks Gabrielle, I will take a million, gladly, for any painting, but it is rare that the artist benefits from the sales!

  2. aloha Benedi – yeah, $2 – i could do that! cool fun on your new app.

    @ Gabrielle and Benedicte – yeah on pricing an artist’s work. sheesh. struggling with pricing in college one day i thought, ” sheesh. i’m just going to have one price for every work i do. that will be $1 million.” …i figured i might not sell too many works but if i ever did sell one i’d be doing okay. …i have yet to put that theory into practice of course. some day. some day. aloha. and app on.

    • Hi Rick,
      If you sale before me (for one million of course) let me know…
      thank you for your visit and comment.
      thank you also for subscribing at “coup de pinceau” blog. I am with people with chronic pain and we have a lot of fun, a great lesson of life.

  3. bwahahahaha – okay Benedit – if i sell one of mine for $1 million i’ll give you a $10,000 encouragement fee. yeah, when you can get to fun past chronic pain, i’d have to think that would have to be some kind of good fun. may be i’ll have to challenge you and your group to make 5 ATCs each, join a mail art group and request a swap. …see if it’s fun to get art in the mail. fun on. aloha

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