Raco de Calella Cocagne Kasia ramblas de los flores-Barcelona Venice

Working with Sharpies (markers) is no different then working in watercolor, or on ipod. It is always the same thing, controlling the hand to get what the eye sees. Going from one medium to an other help me to control more my hand. I have to think twice before touching the paper, I have to remember what I am using.

Travailler avec des Sharpie (feutres) c’est la même chose que de travailler à l’aquarelle ou sur un ipod: c’est contrôler sa main pour dessiner ce que l’œil voit. Et changer de médium  m’y aide. Je dois penser plus avant de marquer le papier, je dois me souvenir de ce que j’utilise.


10 thoughts on “Sharpie

  1. These pictures are wonderful – I love them! The flowers really stand out and the first seascape – Mediterranean look! Funny all these different names for felt tip pens (I call them neos – most names based on brand names I supposte).

  2. your assessment of working with Sharpies is concise and simple – you’ve broken it down to its basic components meaning that it isn’t scary – very encouraging to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet or has and given up. Where are my Sharpies?

  3. The Sharpie drawings are super. Sharpies are a very unforgiving medium, and you use them with such great freedom. Bravo! The seaside picture and the girl are my favorites.

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