Painting flowers is a feast for the senses, the sense of sight, obviously, but also the sense of smell and the sense of touch, like les petites madeleine de Proust

When I am painting them, I  smell their perfume, I  caress their petals, I  hear the wind in their leaves.

Peindre des fleurs est une fête pour les sens. Le sens de la vue, c’est évident, mais aussi l’odorat et le toucher, comme les petites madeleines de Proust

Quand je les peins, je respire leur parfum, je caresse leurs pétales, j’entends le vent dans leurs feuilles.


13 thoughts on “Senses

  1. What a beautiful sensibility! And the perfume, it has found its way here too! What amazing flowers that bloom and spread their delight so far!

  2. Wow, I just love this painting – glorious explosion for the senses (I can usually smell flowers when I look at familiar flowers in photos etc., especially roses) – might have to write a poem about this one. Bravo Benedicte 🙂

    • thank you Gabrielle, interesting to see that our senses are connected and send messages to each other. Interesting also to see how I got inspired by your poem on senses and you get inspired on the painting etc…cross creativity.

  3. aloha Benedi – zing. beautiful. the intensity of these blossoms remind me of Emil Nolde poppies. your watercolors have a consistency in the brush work that beautifully unifies the painting. i like that. it follows right along with what you’re saying about enveloping all the senses in a work – that continuity creates a complete world – i like that too.

    p.s. – and the warm and cool greens with the warm and cool reds – ah. zing. again. beautifully rich. fun.

    • thank you Rick, I never heard of Emil Nolde! After looking at his art and reading I wonder why I never heard of him…very interesting to discover new things. Thank you for all the (nice) things you see in my work, always interesting to have an outside view.

  4. bwahahahaha. aloha Benedi. they are observations that i see and feel from your work. they are also things i like. to me they are the excellent marks of a good painter that becomes a great painter.

    a few years ago i could not find anything on the net about Nolde. even his poppies – which i think are often stunning – especially his watercolor poppies sometimes – wow. now i can find plenty by googling Emil Nolde and images. it looks like you’ve found plenty on him too. his work is potent (imo). and when i think, red. flowers. watercolor. i’m taken right into some of my first lookings at his work.

    now. i have to ask. well. i dont have to. but i’ve been wanting to… i felt like your flowers were poppies. but of course i could be wrong. they look like poppies to me and i have a difficult time seeing them as any other flower (not that i’d know alot about flowers). are they poppies? and… if they are… and you painted them from life… do they have a scent? i’ve not seen a lot of poppies in life. a few. mostly i remember them from my growing up days when i’d see a wild poppy here and there in the Spring. i dont remember them as having a lot of scent. …altho that may just be because in those days i didnt necessarily bend down to get close and see. i mean. smell. and the breeze might have taken the scent in another direction than toward my nose. i do remember liking the moments when i’d see a poppy blossom. they were fragile and almost leathery altho really thin – and delicate… so. now. i’m wondering about the scent.

    funny too… some of – a lot of – the things that fascinated me when i was in those growing up years… i’d be surprised when people around me would say things like; “oh. that? that’s just a weed” or “that’s just a junk bird (magpies got that – people didnt like them and i thought they were beautiful). things just fascinated me – the textures, scents, visual and sounds and tastes too. and stones. in my pockets. i’d always come home with stones in my pockets. i’d see one that fascinated me and was amazing and in my pocket it would go (if it would fit) after a close examination – for further looking of course. my mom accepted these things – altho she did ask about the rocks a time or too. most kids would pick up rocks if they were going to throw them (which i also did but mainly to skip them across water). other people and kids my age would wonder what the heck is he doing?? when i’d get stuck on examining something. oh. and insects too. and stars. and clouds. and trees. and… and… well. i suspect you get the idea. now. these things still fascinate me. in fact i want to go back to those things and really enjoy them even more now. bwahahahahahahahaha. funny life. funny world. funny creatures we human beings.

    cool on discovering Nolde. yeah, i too still discover a painter i’ve never heard of – one that’s been around for a long time and i’m stunned that i’ve never discovered this person. there are a lot of good painters around. now and for long times ago both. and no way do i know them all. so way cool on new discoveries.

    ha. – sheesh. okay i’m just going to have to ramble. a few years ago. may be 10? or 15? i discovered Ewen Paterson. i remember being fascinated by his work – and his working philosophies. you might know him. i think he might be in your world somehow. Canadian that he is. or may be not. i clearly do not know all the USAers . yet. bwahahahahaha. aloha

  5. Hi Rick,
    no, there are not poppies. I drew them from memories , thinking of the climbing roses I have in the garden, a rustic kind, that climb almost 3 meters high, and have tons of tiny fragrant roses in June, and do not need protection in the winter! It is a view of them when standing at the foot of the bush and looking up.
    I like to draw poppies , but usually I take a very warm red to do so and a deep black heart. Poppies are not fragrant, as far as I know, but are so beautiful to look at.
    An other discovery Ewen Paterson…born in Montreal. So many good artists to still discover.
    Keep collecting rocks, it is good for the soul,
    thank you for your response.

  6. aloha Benedi – oh, yes. bwahahaha – now that you say “climbing roses” i can see them easily as such. i’m not that familiar with them but i have seen them and may be once or twice even gotten close enough to pick up the scent. and your point about poppy color too – a warm red – yeah, that makes a lot of sense. color. again. ha. cool. i didnt know that climbing roses were so cold resistant. i’ve tried roses here most make it for a while. a couple have made it for a long time. i may have to look into climbing roses.

    yeah, E. Paterson was interesting to me. i was in Montreal once and got to see a retrospective of his. which is how i discovered him.

    i like your point on rocks. yeah. definitely.

    have fun, it’s almost spring. aloha – oh. no worries about the tsunami for me here. i’m not in a tsunami zone so altho i will be affected in some ways nothing major. aloha.

  7. You are such a wonderful artist. It gives me such pleasure to read your blog and see your work. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. It is a real privilege.

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