NYC Hudson River

Tree and snow

Martin's landscape


Joining groups is a good way, for me, to get to explore a subject. I joined the lots of ladscape group two weeks ago and I am in the saturation stage were I draw landscapes, think of landscapes, look at landscapes.

You can see all the works of wonderful artists  of this group here

Faire partie d’un groupe m’aide à explorer un sujet. J’ai joint le groupe “lots of landscape” il y a deux semaines et je suis dans l’étape de saturation ou je dessine des paysages, je pense paysage, je regarde des paysages.

Vous pouvez voir le travail de ces artistes talentueux ici


11 thoughts on “Saturation

  1. Wonderful drawings. I really love the colour and magical sense in the last picture (I looked at the photo and your drawing completely takes it to another level – like a land far away in a story).

  2. bwahahahahaa – aloha Benedi – way cool – the saturation stage – eat, sleep, dream, sip – yeah. way fun when that happens. i particularly like when you build up your images with so much line that it almost feels like it is woven. i like the feel of that kind of textural working.

    i also like the way your eye sees color and value. for instance the way you’ve used value to layer in the distance beyond the river in the fist image above. that is a surprising color combination but chosen so well for value that it becomes strikingly unified yet also vibrant in color – yeah, i like that. now that i think about it… those colors bring to mind some of Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral paintings – a beautiful sense of light. cool…

    ….bwahahahaha – no wonder you saw “vibrant” greens in the bamboo. fun. aloha

    • Thank you Rick, it is interesting to see how a medium dictates strokes, sharpie makes lines with strong colours, hard to get mid tones. Claude Monet…I hope he does not mind! thank you , I appreciate how you explain what you see.

      • ha. aloha Benedi – i think it is also in the way you think and organize your use of the material(s). i think that’s what Monet did too – he thought about how to organize and use his materials. you both organize your color in this case in similar ways. cool on that. i hope he doesnt mind that i said that either! and yeah, sharpies are a lining instrument – it’s still about how you organize (your) line – imo.

  3. I just returned from a trip south and was thinking about your sketches. So I made one little quick sketch, thinking of Ben. I want to just draw things more, without having a “picture” in mind. Just see something, draw it.

    (And I didn’t do too badly, not in the artistic sense but in the trip sense, because I had driven 400 miles and then about an hour later I took a few minutes and drew a bit of my new scenery. Were I resolute enough to make a habit of that — why who knows! )

    You are inspiring, Ben.

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