Art is decisions, as simple as that. What size, subject, medium? More contrast? More loose? More bold? Crop? And then, when to stop?

L’art c’est décider, c’est aussi simple que ça. Quel format, sujet, medium? Plus de contrastes? Plus libre? Plus d’audace? Recadrer? Et puis, quand arrêter?


10 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. so true, life is a series of decisions.
    I was experimenting with the computer because I was not pleased with the original so I started cropping it, the top one, then playing with contrast and effect and I do like the last one too! Thank you Gabrielle

  2. ha. i saw your words to this post in my subscription list but missed the actual post (which actually happens way too often for me). ha. – aloha Benedi. although i like all 3 of these i think i prefer the lower left (at the moment). something about the length and movement in it appeals to me relative to the format, over the top image and although i too often play with a work again after i move it into a digital format (and for some purposes prefer things that way) in this case there is a live life element in the lower left version over the lower right version that for me seems to breath and relax as i watch it. …yeah, that all is of course just personal preference. i like each for different reasons – not the least of which is your potent color and energetic line. cool.

  3. Thank you Rick,
    the more I look at the paper version, the less I like it, and it is mainly the colours. Working digitally make us very picky with colours, dont you think?
    And to have all the colours I would like in the real world would be out of budget!

  4. aloha Benedi – yes and no. yes, i think working with digital technology helps me with real colors – so yes, in that sense i’m probably more picky in some ways about real paper color(s) because i have work with digital technology and color. digital technology allows me to experiment in many ways quickly where it would take longer on paper to do similar kinds of experimenting – but the experience of paper can not be replaced by digital technology – at least not yet within my budget. hahaha.

    my thinking about color in the real world tho… is slightly different than wanting all the color tubes that are available (even if we limit it to those that are considered permanent – which does still remain important to me). for me it’s the relationship of a color with other colors that can make a color sing. the relationship built up with size and placement, nuance and patina, pattern, texture, eye mixing and palette mixing… etc. given the right relationship(s) almost any color can become dazzling. in this sense i really dont need all the tubes that are available to create a spectacular relationship – or to make (any) one color zing. …that isnt to say i’m necessarily good at it, but i’m reasonably sure it works this way.

    another thought along my thinkings on this… is that i dont often buy tubes of paint that are mixed pigments (now, altho i did more of that at one time). i do occasionally because it’s just easier than mixing my white and my green to get the turquoise that is sold in a tube – i can make that turquoise with my tubes of white and green tho. so i really dont need the turquoise. it just takes such a little amount of green and a lot of white that it’s easier to just have a tube of that particular color – and a few others – on hand. i dont really need them tho – and in fact i get more variation by mixing my own – more subtlety, variation and nuance. the color this way too, becomes more uniquely mine – even if i happen to match that tube turquoise color when i mix my white and green.

    one of the things i look for when i browse tubes of paint (which i actually did today – or yesterday – thursday) is if it’s a single pigment color, or a mixed pigment color. this is often the case (may be not always but often) with a lot of colors – they are made by combining two single pigment colors. so i focus on the single pigment colors that i like – and i experiment occasionally by adding one i dont have or havnt use for a long time – wow, yeah, that can zing things up. but it’s fun that way too.

    and of course now there are also the metallic colors, the iridescent colors and the interference colors – okay, so there are a few options… okay, a lot of options, probably more now than when i was playing with them more frequently. … still i dont need every tube of color that is out there.

    and of course again, there are the mediums that can thicken, create more transparency and do other things too – yeah, there are a lot of choices – still more reason to limit my colors to single pigment colors tho – so i can experiment with other things. (i just blogged my post Variations on A Peace Shrine – in the 3 ATCs there is a metallic addition that does not show up well or give quite the effect when photographed – or brought into digital formats – in the same way as it works with the real paper and our eye. the band that seems to be behind the peace symbol is a metallic gold, depending on the angle viewed it can appear almost transparent or a solid gold metal-like color – almost like gold leaf).

    the thing about digital color is that we dont see it quite the same way as we see real paper color. it’s probably still changing but digital color can be isolated and enhanced in a lot of ways – even surrounded with black in ways we dont visually see but that help a color stand out on it’s own. so i can make my real paper colors become really saturated or enhanced with a few button clicks with digital technologies. yeah, it’s harder to do that with real paper – but with real paper if i get the colors to work right – wow, just as exciting to me as digital color.

    it’s also true that what i’m seeing and choosing from above are both digital color. i’m not actually seeing the real paper – altho you may be trying to show it as close to what it looks like to you as possible – it’s still being changed by my monitor by my preference settings. this will always be the case until we make a (hard paper) print of course and then look at the print. that can be enhanced to our preferences too of course. which is also why seeing a painting online and then in your hand – it’s not going to match colors, values etc. exactly – because not only are these things altered when the work is put into digital formatting, each monitor it’s shown on will be slightly different from any other monitor too – in some cases a lot different, in some a little different – but different on each.

    may be what i’m saying is that i see the two as very different things. digital color (even in a hard print) vs color on paper with paint, inks, dyes etc. when i see an image that was created on real paper and then brought into the digital realm – i probably keep in mind some of the things that may have shifted – i make some allowances for this – as compared to a work where color and other elements and qualities have been clearly altered with digital technology. real paper work and digital work both have advantages as i see it – including the advantages of playing with a real paper work by altering it with digital technology. (yeah, that too is in that Variations on A Peace Shrine post) .

    i’ve noticed too, that there is a subtle difference in depth with real paper and color compared to digital work – even with hard prints. this can probably be compensated for, but it’s often not. it’s almost as if with real paper and color there is an atmosphere around it that is breathable. and with digital color it’s almost like… i’m holding my breath – it’s almost like it’s airless. that airless quality can be attractive – because of the clarity – and it can be almost harsh – like gulp!, no air! i cant breathe. once i get used to that, the clarity can be fun. the reverse might be said of real paper and color work too tho – the air can feel heavy or may be stuffy and humid…?? or as fresh as a cool tropical breeze…

    it’s not so much that i like one over the other, as it is that i see them in different ways, they have different properties and qualities, each of which i like and value on their own for what they are.

    i’m going to have to think about this atmosphere/breathing and breathlessness/airlessness thing between real paper color work and digital work. i hadnt quite thought about it like that recently, although i have noticed something similar when paintings are turned into prints sometimes.

    these are cool things to think about – imo. all of the above of course is only imo too… fun. fun thinking on this stuff Benedi – thanks – aloha

  5. This very dense reply, Rick, took me a while to think about. There are many topics, about one of my favorite subject, colour. I am in the clan of people who thinks that colour predominate upon shapes and volumes…
    thank you very much Rick. I am thinking (still…)of replying with a post.

  6. oh. and aloha Benedi. you know, i often go off and over and deep into a plunge on stuff like this. for one thing, it helps me clarify my own thinking. so i appreciate you tolerating me when i do this on Your blog. i also like that you and your blog prod me into this kind of thinking. …so… no worries about how or when or if you respond to it. if you do, cool. if not, that’s cool too. by me writing these things out, it helps me. and i can be way off you know. and i may discover something for myself or about me too. so again, i appreciate what you and your blog do for me, regardless of how or when or if you reply. …of course… a reply is always welcome – sometimes tho, just thinking on it is okay too.

    yeah, too. color is so powerful. a small patch of color can balance a large shape and even a large volume in a work. that’s a lot of power. it’s cool too. …not to mention fascinating, exciting, awing, awesome and fun and a whole lot more.

    i think there is a place and time for thinking and for fun. mostly tho. go for a lot of the fun, (imo). …because fun is a lot like color – it can balance a lot of other stuff in life. yes? ha. fun on you. aloha – and especially, colour on!

  7. Lovely colour and form in all three versions – does it really matter which to use? Myself, I just go with the flow… they’re all valid in their own right.

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