In 2011

In 2011, I will keep the studio organized…I still have 300 and something days to do it.

En 2011, j’aurai un atelier organisé…j’ai 300 et quelques jours qui restent pour le faire.


9 thoughts on “In 2011

  1. bwahahahaha on both of you Benedit and Gabrielle – yeah, i like seeing this image of where you work, Benedit. yeah, i know, i’ve threatened to show some of my work areas and works in progress and tools etc. too. lucky you i havnt – yet. ha. …because if this is the mess you two think tells a tale… you’ll have nightmares after seeing mine. bwahahahahaha. serious nightmares.

    i like and like seeing the works in progress you have going here, Benedit. yeah, it’s partly your process – the way you work, and partly the way you see image making/creating – and color. it’s dynamic – and i like that, plus it always feels like the materials you use. by that i mean, your paint feels like paint and the experience of painting and your digital work feel like digital work and the fun of digital technology – yeah, again, i like that and like seeing that in work a lot.
    way cool.
    way fun
    aloha with laughter – bwahahahaha, a messy studio… bwahahahahahaha. oops. i mean – rick.

    • Hi Rick,
      thank you for your comment, I appreciate very much that you say that my painting looks like painting and digital work looks digital. It is a big compliment for me, it is what I try to do, work in accordance with the medium.
      For the studio, I have cropped and recropped the image…

  2. You have inspired me. I think I’m going to clean the house. Let’s see, a longish human life span is four score and ten — hmm, that gives me 35 years to work with — maybe more ….

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