In 2010


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portraits done on paper or virtually (computer or ipod). Portrait fait sur papier ou virtuellement (ordinateur ou ipod).

In 2010, I joined the Flickr group Julia Kay’s portrait party , it has been a very intense experience. Julia had this very good idea of having an online portrait party were participants draw each other from pictures (no self portrait). It is very liberating, in a way, to draw an artist because that person knows the trade, knows the difficulties, recognizes a great stroke. It gives every one the possibility to explore portraiture and to practice portraiture regularly, once overcome the intimidating feeling of not being good enough.

En 2010, j’ai joint le groupe Flickr Julia Kay’s portrait party , une expérience intense. Julia a eu la bonne idée de faire un “portrait party” ou chacun fait le portrait des autres d’après photo (pas d’auto-portrait). C’est très libérateur de dessiner des artistes car  étant du métier, ils en connaissent la difficulté, reconnaissent la ligne parfaite. Passé l’intimidante sensation de ne pas être à la hauteur, cela donne l’occasion d’explorer l’art du portrait et de le pratiquer régulièrement.


9 thoughts on “In 2010

  1. oh. ah. yes. that is brilliant. i like this thinking. we – as artists have that understanding that allows (hopefully) each of us to create in our own way exactly where we are. i like that. it had not occurred to me that this was the case or what was going on with this Portrait Party. very cool.

    …and very cool on your portrait. yeah! i got a chance to see (not use) an iPad with the artist app. (which may not be what it’s called). i can see why it’s so appealing in the way you use it. and it intrigued me a lot. …gulp. i am so tempted. just for that app. it’s not often that i get so excited by what to me is a new technology right off. …this one is doing it tho. i may have to look in to these and start saving up… and it’s all your fault. bwahahahahaha. …bwahahahahahahaha.

    • Hi Rick, thank you for your comment.
      I am not guilty if you spend on an ipad because I use an ipod , less expensive, smaller screen though, much smaller…but real fun, I love it, it is magical.
      The above portrait, the big one, is made on a graphic tablet , on the computer with photoshop, forgot again to give the details!
      Some in the smaller sizes were made on the ipod.

      • bwahahaha – aloha Benedit! – no, i suppose you’re not at fault in that case… i did look into the iPad – because the one i saw really looked like it would function great as a sketchpad and i like the thinking behind it.

        yeah, i see what you mean by the difference in size between an iPod and iPad. and yeah again, i think both would be fun and magical. it doesnt seem like Apple stuff drops much in price over time so now i’m looking at the GB differences between 3 iPads – the more GB the more up the price goes. the app i think i’d like is call SketchbookPro (i think). there were a number of apps available that seem like really great prices for the iPad.

        one app i didnt see is something where i could hand write or create in some other way, my own alphabet and then have that function as a font. i think that would be cool and might have a lot of possibilities for fun. i’ve seen software (when i explored it some time ago) that could do this altho it didnt seem easy or intuitive and the program itself was way too expensive for me.

        what i like about the iPad (and probably iPod too) is that i could take it with me and draw anywhere – which i take it you do. as all my digital work is done on a desktop iMac… the portability is beginning to appeal to me. i probably use my Cintiq more often as a tablet than as the monitor drawing device – but i do like having that function when i want it. regardless – the images you are creating – wow. yeah, i really like what you do with this technology. …and yeah… no worries about the info details – you Know, i’ll ask… bwahahahahahaha – thank you. fun. and aloha – Rick

  2. It is the main thing I like in the ipod is the portability, as you said. I can draw anywhere and because it is not bigger than my hand, people often think that I am playing and do not bother me, as if I have a real sketchpad and try to sketch outside (very intimidating).
    The other thing I like is the ability to draw on the screen, like on paper and see right away the lines. And also the rapidity to explore with colours.

    • good points Benedit. yeah, being able to draw without attracting attention has some great advantages. and the screen drawing is awesome. that’s what the cintiq allows. …altho mine is now down. so i may be in limbo for a while. ha. i’m using a pencil daily now. well, i did that when the cintiq was up too. or a pen.

  3. These portraits are so varied and each one prompts different feelings! I am speechless! Wow — is all I can think to say. Wow, wow, wow!

    The large effects of color, for instance, in the guy above as contrasted with all the intricacy of the line is amazing. Yet other portraits have other qualities like the strong tonal contrasts of some, or the differences in scale, or the sense of where the face is — whether very close or farther back.

    You have so many ideas expressed in these drawings.

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