Jumping in the new year

Poem by Gabrielle Bryden. on her blog here

Jumping in the new year with the help of Gabrielle’s poems and pictures, even the songs of the Australian frogs…click here to see and hear them.

Avec l’aide des poèmes et des photos de Gabrielle, je saute dans la nouvelle année. Pour voir et aussi écouter le chants des grenouilles australiennes, cliquez ici.


9 thoughts on “Jumping in the new year

  1. bwahahahahahaha. aloha Benedit – fun. i havnt been to Gabrielle’s post yet, it sounds to me like Basho’s frog haiku may have to move over. way fun frog drawing/painting. this looks like paper, marker, watercolor and ink? if you’re doing this on the iPod – yikes wow too – it’s impressive enough on paper. way fun. aloha.

  2. Thank you Rick.
    I told you that I really like all the infos you put on your drawings and I forget to do the same! It is my interpretation of Sumi-e: Chinese ink, Chinese brush, touches of watercolor and the writing in marker on rice paper, so you got it.

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