Do’s and Dont’s in December 17

Do wish!  Cheers!

Souhaitez! Tchin Tchin!


16 thoughts on “Do’s and Dont’s in December 17

  1. some how. bwahahahahahaaha. i like this entry into the new year. …well. actually… it’s the drawing i like. especially that loose flowing rambling line – it has essence in every pixel of it… and of course the loose flowing color of… what ARE you drinking? okay okay, i can see that it has bubbles. . . . must be that town in france named after the wine (yeah, i know which came first). cham… champagne… yeah. that’s it! cheers! [clink]. …i like the pow of purple setting off the liquid too. …and then i go back to the line. i like your sense of line. wow on your writing. what are you writing with? aloha.

      • yeah. your writing looks awesome. i’d be way delighted with that too. i like incorporating language and word(s) in work. especially as i see it words… written words… are made of line. a really great element to play with in our art. mahalo for the info – yeah, if i could figure out a way to try your ipod apps on my Cintiq… i’d go for it. fun. aloha.

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