Do’s and Don’ts in December 13

Do invite and have fun…cheers! Merry Christmas!

Invitez, rigolez, trinquez! Joyeux Noël!


9 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December 13

  1. [clink] cheers! and aloha Benedit. yeah, great do. Happy Season upon you. and lots of bwahahahahahahahahhahaa aloha too.

    oh. i just had a thought. i like rain. i have long lists of what i like about rain. i think i may have to start a long list of things i like about gray – or may be gray days. because no matter what gray or what gray day it is, there is always a way that color can relate to it. i know this has very little to do with your blog entry. other than i’ve been noticing gray again and that you use it. way cool on that. see. another thing to add to things i like about gray already. aloha with laughter.

      • cool on gray. yeah, i started the list. i have no idea when it will be done or if it ever will be done. but i’ll go on it for a while now. thanks for allowing me to explore via your blog. i like your blog a lot. it looks like you are having fun and in that way so am i. cool. and gray that is fun on us all – yeah, i like that. aloha.

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