Do’s and Don’ts in December

Do bring in a tree even if in very limited space.

Accueillez un arbre, même avec un espace limité.


14 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December

  1. The expression on that fish’s face – hahahahaha – wonderful picture and lateral thinking too 🙂 only you would come up with a Christmas tree in a fish bowl – hahaha. I’ve done my wrapping Ben – thanks for the push.

  2. bwahaha… oh. this is too good. brilliant. what ever it is that is bringing these up in you – Keep Doing It. yeah, i like these. …and i’d like a double of what what ever ever it is that you’re having. it’s just plain fun to watch these unfold Benedit. yeah, the look on that koi face as Gabrielle said… as a viewer i constantly go back and forth between the face looking and what the koi is looking at to produce such a face. that really works well (imo) – bwahahahahahahahaha. and aloha too.

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