Do’s and Don’ts in December 11

Don’t. Who’s going to walk him and pick up?

Et qui le promènera et ramassera?



11 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December 11

  1. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. yeah. dont! unless you really can. and especially 15 pure focused minutes a day on nothing other than what the elephant wants to do! minimum and outside of the usual food, exercise and shelter time needs. …okay, that’s just imo. it’s what came up with your exquisite drawing. this is a really fun way to have gotten this dont across – this drawing and what you drew. …altho i think i should go beyond calling it a drawing now. it’s more… drawing/painting (imo – again). fun. and aloha on.

  2. This is so apropos. My daughter told me she wants a dragon for Christmas. A real one. Wants to ride to school on her dragon like Jane from “Jane and the Dragon.”

    And ditto. You know who gets stuck picking up after the dragon.

  3. Ok ,Time for awards:
    Best laugh in the blogosphere: Rick with 15 ha
    second runner-up for best laugh: Gabrielle with 6 ha
    Best original pet wanted for Christmas: Aletha’s daughter with a real dragon. Will a komodo dragon be suitable?

    Thank you to all participants.

  4. I believe in many households this time of year the elephant in the middle of the room would be an in law 😉 Luckily I don’t have any therefore, I don’t have to feed and water one. If you haven’t done a line of greeting cards yet, I hope you think about it.

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