Do’s and Don’ts in December 10

Do start wrapping.

Commencez à emballer.


9 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December 10

  1. bwahahahahaha and aloha – for a moment there i thought you were getting involved with the mail art community and sending naked mail art.

    a limited description of naked mail art:

    check out the P22 mail art project they reference there – that was a wild one.

    no. i see this is not what you had in mind, as wrapping would be out of the question with naked mail art. the reason it looked like naked mail art to me is because i have received naked mail art that was a clear plastic bottle (like a plastic rum bottle) with a variety of things (visible) inside of it. plus of course address and stamps on the bottle itself.

    this is one i sent:

    it’s 4 views of a single bamboo chime from a bamboo wind chime. i painted it (altho there was some faded paint on it already), the 4 views are so you can see entirely around it… then addressed it and sent it. it arrived. fun.

    okay. back to wrapping… yikes. and fun. aloha.

  2. Hi Rick,
    it is really interesting to see how the image are interpreted.
    I wish more people would say what it tells them.
    Naked art is new to me, never heard of it before, thank you for all the infos.
    And also postal services used to be more fun before being so standardized.

    In this image I wanted to say: Do wrap, because it is part of giving, and do be creative and do use things in a new way ( objet détourné).
    Then when the image was done I thought of the buildings wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude :
    Thank you Rick and aloha!

    • aloha Benedit – yeah, telling an artist what you see as a viewer is one of the best ways to help an artist know if they have achieved what they were after – i agree. there are lots of ways to do that. i think what i saw was of course a bit of a leap into my own world (of course all viewers see within and from their own frame of reference..). if i really spoke what i saw it would be slightly different. speaking to our self when we see a work is a good way to find out about what we are actually seeing – it’s a good practice to be in as a viewer (again imo).

      also imo – i think some of your goals match up (even tho i’m saying that after i know something about what you were after):
      – wrapping/unwrapped – yeah, i see innovation in the way this is wrapped – unwrapping in naked mail art is also wrapping innovation, yes?
      – creative/mail art and naked mail art are both relatively new to the world and very creative (even tho mail art has been around for at least 50-60 years) – it’s still a reasonably “new way”.
      – yeah, i can definitely see Christo and Jeanne-Claude connections in this (thanks for the Jeanne-Claude link too)

      even tho i’m seeing that after you have spoken of it, i still think some of it was there in what i originally said. now comes the artist’s part of course – how do you think you did meeting and achieving what you wanted in this work – and what might you do to make it work out more so in the next one you do. …at least that’s what i’d think about with regard to my own work – not that you have to and you certainly dont have to say those things out loud here or to anyone for that matter. i know you know all of this – i just think it’s good to say it out loud sometimes so that others realize the process we go through in our work.

      you’re welcome on the info i included. i wasnt sure if you – or anyone else reading this – would understand my terms so i added that to help. yeah, the postal service has changed a lot in the last few decades. which has altered a lot of things in what can and can not be done. it’s still fun to push and explore the edges tho. much as you are doing in your own work with your materials and words. fun on that. when i was littler, my mom sometimes wrapped gifts for our tree in news paper – i liked using the colored funny paper section. that was because with all the other black and white print that was on other packages the color package popped out…. fun again, yes? i had fun unwrapping those gifts. cool on fun. fun on. – aloha.

  3. I don’t try to explain, usually, what I had in mind because I think that once the drawing is completed and shown it is no longer mine. I think of these little drawings that I do as triggers (déclencheur) for the viewer. If they have a reaction, good or bad, then I think that the drawing was effective.
    I agree with you that we always interpret what we see by our reality, our vision.
    Thank you very much for all your interesting comments.

    • aloha Benedit – i like your thinking. yeah, i agree – once we release our work into the view of others, the work begins a life on it’s own and entirely different relationships with each viewer are possible and develop between the work and each viewer. …altho our own relationship is still intact it too can grow via the relationship others develop with the work. imo, that is one of the beauties of that life – those triggers – declencheur (i like that word – it has the feel of what one does in it – clench and the result is… a releasing – cool on that). fun. thanks for allowing me to express and explore my own thinking on your blog as a result of your work. aloha and yw too.

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