Do’s and Don’ts in December 8

Do relax, you still have 10 full days to find the perfect gift.

Relaxez, il vous reste 10 jours pour trouver le cadeau parfait.


13 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December 8

  1. Wonderful. The roads are flooded around here – so here’s praying that they clear up so I can do the Christmas shopping – no point worrying, I will just follow your terrific advice and put my feet up Ben 😉

  2. bwahahahahaha – oh, yeah. i like this one. aloha Benedit. good point. good point. wait. the only point! the only point! – relax. it’s supposed to be fun! this is a way fun drawing – it conveys the concept so well. it would fit in with Hourly Comic Day perfectly (i just explained Hourly Comic Day – HCD – in one of the earlier post comments here in your Do’s and Don’ts, so i wont do it again other than to say, yeah, you’d be terrific at it.) humor on! and aloha too. aloha – Wrick (rick)

  3. I love this Benedicte, it is what my daughter calls ‘urban toony’ and this is a massive compliment! Feet up is the perfect visual expression for your Christmas do. 🙂

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