Do’s and Don’ts in December 3

Do. What ever tree you have, put on the lights.

A faire. Peu importe l’arbre, décorez-le.


10 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in December 3

  1. bwahahahahahaha. and aloha Benedicte Delachanal – yeah, it’s hard to remember that southern hemispheres have their Christmas season in what would amount to being just about our northern hemisphere July – okay, may be June.

    as most of my season(s) have leaves on trees all year round, i use a many twigged strawberry guava tree branch that i trimmed a number of years ago. now i trim it each year. i like it because:
    1) for bonsai, it’s good to be able to see the branching structures of trees – which in the winter season is easily done in many places.
    2) not being able to see the beauty of a leafless sleeping tree easily, i miss it – sometimes.

    i like this Do. what ever tree you have. fun. aloha

    • It is hard for me to imagine a year with no seasons, even a Christmas on the beach and no snow.
      Strawberry guava tree , I search and saw a beautiful tree with fruits looking like cranberries, very christmassy!

      • aloha Benedi (is that okay? – i like the visual.) there are seasons here. both the traditional and others. the traditional seasons are just not as extreme. after a while you notice them tho – spring and growth, young plants and more flowers – the warming of the planet. summer and thick greens and more heat and a little dryer. autumn and cooler temps and rain and more leaves that fall. winter – bigger storms and chilly nights and that low angle orange/red sunlight. some trees do shed their leaves – one kind may do it in spring. another in autumn. and some all year round drop a few leaves at a time and replace them with new growth. of course there is a big surf season (storms from thousands of miles away can produce big surf here). and whale season and hurricane season. it’s all on a different scale tho – which just adds to the amazing world of our planet, yes. – yeah. i occasionally do something with strawberry guava images. it’s a tasty fruit as well as interesting bark. the tree i decorate has no leaves or fruit of course. it dried well which is why i’ve kept it. here’s an altered photo i took of fruit on one of the trees beside the house:
        as for Christmas on a beach with no snow… yeah that’s a tough one. santa arrives via helicopter. you can probably make sand angles on the beach tho. it is a different kind of Christmas season and still… it’s fun. have fun, throw a snow ball for me. aloha

      • you are very original, and first to call me Benedi, I like it. In French it sounds like Bene dit= Bene says.
        Different seasons, well observed. More subtle , maybe not with the hurricane season.
        I went to see your haiga strawberry guava, they still reminds me of cranberries!
        No more laughing?

  2. bwahahahahaaa aloha Benesays – yeah, cool i like it Benedit – yeah… hurricane season… not so subtle. bwahahahahaha. good point – you know… that’s a great last two lines for a haiku… or may be all three:

    good point
    hurricane season
    not so subtle

    hmmmm… i may have to think about that…

    yeah. i can see how strawberry guava without a reference object can make you think they are like cranberries. . . strawberry guava that i’ve seen are about the size of a golf ball.

    no more laughter? heck no. not if i can help it. have you ever attempted an Hourly Comic Day (HCD)? there is a guy that does that with people once a year and they post all day long. a friend of mine decided it was too much fun for once a year so we attempted it once a month. that was fun too. it’s a very jam-packed day to do one comic (one to several panels) for every hour you’re awake. …may be i mentioned it before?

    you can go back further in the blog to when we were really zinging along sometimes. altho i should probably post that url with a caution… some of the humor is definitely adult and may be… a little… beyond… reasonable language for some people… so if some language and topics are… too… much… skip those. some of the people doing HCD are really funny (imo). you can click any of the images and most of them will go big so you can read the smaller writing. have fun. …and laugh. …gulp. i hope. bwahahahahaha – aloha and fun on you.

    • The size of a golf ball! So you need just one to do cranberry sauce.
      I went to see the HCD and it is fun to look at but does looks like work under pressure. I am a southern mind lost in a northern country, I cannot handle that pressure of one drawing an hour…
      and for the language, no worry, as you realize reading me, my English is limited in certain areas.

  3. aloha Benedit – ha… golf ball or smaller i should say. not to worry about HCD. there were some times when i’d skip it altogether and other times when i’d get 1 or 2 panels. the pressure is only us on our self because it really didnt matter. it was just us trying to do something. for me the difficult part was humor. that’s when i realized i really had to work on my humor. …okay, okay, i still have to work on it. …once a day is a challenge for me too. the group allowed anything basically. looking back now, i think it was mostly about playing with the idea and having fun and seeing what would happen.. …and you might have noticed… we having added anything for a year or two. ha. your humor in the Do’s and Don’ts is just fine and way fun as is. …and i can assure you, my French isnt even half functional. your English works very well. …and my laughter… is a bit sleepy at the moment, but it’ll return. just have fun. aloha.

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