Zen Brush, just the name of this application for the ipod put me in a Zen mode.  Grey, dark grey, black,  similar to sumi-e painting. Limited choices are good sometimes, deep black brushstrokes to capture the subject on a tiny screen.

The biggest difference, though, with the real thing is the eraser. In this virtual version I can come back in the deepest black and add white line, new approach, new effect.

Zen Brush, déjà le nom de cette application pour ipod me met en mode Zen. Gris, Gris foncé et noir, comme dans la peinture sumi-e. Un choix limité c’est bon de temps en temps, un noir profond d’un seul trait de pinceau sur un tout petit écran.

La grosse différence avec le vrai sumi-e c’est la gomme pour effacer. Je peux revenir et ajouter de fines lignes blanches dans le plus profond noir avec cette version virtuelle, nouvelle approche, nouveaux effets.
The ravenGoat transforming into a cathedral for jkpp


22 thoughts on “Zen

  1. Nice! Both the art AND the app!

    I checked this out, since I have a Buddha Board. And voila! There is a free Buddha Board app! There is also a Zen Board app for $0.99. Of the three, though, I like the Zen Brush the best: it has the most features and it can export to twitter and camera roll.

    Speaking of apps like this, there is also the award winning Brushes app that has been used to do some amazing covers for the NYTimes. It’s a whole $4.99.

    Amazing the tools available these days. I am going to get Zen Brush, though.

    • Hi Bernie,
      I just downloaded the Buddha board app and played with it! I have a real one and the virtual one is as much fun and relaxing to use. Thank you for the tip.

      I do have Brushes, it was my first drawing app and I am always coming back to it. I call it my mini portable studio.
      If you go on my flickr page you’ll see a few things I did with Brushes.

      I was looking for your photos on Flickr but did not find them, what is your name there?
      I agree, all these tools are really amazing and easy to use.
      Thank you for your comment Bernie.

  2. I was playing with my brush pen this morning and wondering if there was an app for my touch. Within the hour your post arrived in my email. I have already downloaded it! Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Benedicte, my flickr account is bernie_michalik

    I managed to get my Zen Brush image to go to twitter (it took me a sec to realize I had to put my account info in the Settings app and not the Zen Brush app itself). But I don’t have it automatically going to flickr. Is that possible, or do you do it manually?

  4. I download the zen image to the computer and then to flickr. (I am not an expert in that, there might be a way to do it)
    Sometimes I transfer the zen image to the Brushes app to add details (with the zoom in) or add colours.

  5. Salut ^^! Super dessins, ce style graphique rend hyper bien!
    Toujours épatée par la variété de tes dessins, peintures et styles. Adoré les poules! et le lion, superbe. Et les couleurs de tes peintures, hyper chaleureuses et harmonieuses, mais avec toujours ce “truc” moderne, original, qui est ta “patte”!

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