Tartelette and Omelette

Tartelette et Omelette

Tartelette and Omelette have a sweet life in Touraine, France, the valley of Loire, were castles are outnumbering cafés. Ronelle, who blogs wonderful recipes with gorgeous pictures and watercolors at my french kitchen, spoils them with even a gouter that I would gladly have.

Pompadour, an other chick with style, lives down under, in Australia. Gabrielle writes about Pompi and friends beautifully and with humor on her blog here. Pictures, videos, a charming chook house…real stars.

But can Pompadour handle the competition?


Tartelette et Omelette coulent des jours heureux en Touraine, France,  dans la vallée de la Loire ou il y a plus de châteaux que de cafés.  Ronelle, avec ses délicieuses recettes,  magnifiques photos et aquarelles, nous fait vivre une journée dans son blog my french kitchen avec ses poules. Je prendrai volontiers du goûter .

Pompadour une autre poule avec du chic, vit aux antipodes, en Australie. Gabrielle raconte avec style et humour la vie de Pompi et ses copines dans son blog ici. Des photos, des vidéos, un charmant poulailler… de vrais stars.

Mais Pompadour et la “compète”, comment ça se passe?


9 thoughts on “Tartelette and Omelette

  1. Bwahahahahaha! Pompadour is so jealous – she doesn’t get the fancy food and we won’t mention the competition. Tartelette and Omelette are gorgeous and I love those names. Thanks for the wonderful pictures Ben (cheered me up) and for the link to my french kitchen (there was a little problem with both links but I got there in the end). I’m travelling at the moment but when I have some time I will maybe write a poem for Tartelette and Omelette 🙂

  2. Thank you, Gabe, for mentioning the problem with the links, I think I got it working now!
    All these chickens are so cute and a lot of personality,
    I am sure you’ll come with a great fun poem for the French ladies!

  3. aloha Benedicte Delachanal – i enjoy looking at an artist’s sketchbook. the first image here is a great capture of movements and positioning of these creatures. great lines and value placements that make each vignette speak volumes. way fun with the potent bits of red. fun on the second one too with the shaking gesture – cool.

    btw – i really appreciate your comment on my blog recently about the background of the blog and the background of the image. with consideration i changed the background of the blog (which was easy) – i think it works a lot better now. so just wanted to say thanks. aloha – Wrick

  4. Hi Rick, or Wrick?
    thank you very much for your comments on these sketches.
    Thank you also for considering my comment, I went to look at your new backgroung and your artwork stands out much better I find.

    • ha. i lost track of this for a moment and it turned into a week. rick or wrick is fine. there are fewer wricks on the web so i use that on the web. and yeah, i liked a different background too. thanks. aloha

  5. Tooo cute the sketches…and so funny…and what a great name…Pompadour..I can just see the chicken..hie hie! You did a great job and I love your humor!
    happy sketching
    PS…will pop in soon to say hi to Pompadour..

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