The way I see

Self portrait, graphite stick

self portrait done with non dominant hand, graphite stick

The way I draw is the way I see, at least it is what  I try to do. Interesting to see the difference in perception when using dominant or non dominant hand, using left or right part of the brain,  trying to obtain a good balance in using both.

Je dessine ce que je vois, c’est en fait ce que j’essaie de faire. C’est intéressant de voir la différence de perception quand on utilise la main dominante ou la main non-dominante, quand on utilise la partie gauche ou la partie droite du cerveau, quand on essaie d’avoir un bon équilibre en utilisant les deux.


8 thoughts on “The way I see

  1. very true, Gabrielle. I think also that the second one is better . When I am using my left hand it is very basic thinking, look at the line, replicate the line on paper, look back at the line etc… with my right hand my mind has more time to wonder around and I get distracted from the line.

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