Tutti frutti

Bouquet et pot bleu

Virtual drawing, with a wacom tablet. I could choose from so many brushes, pencils, effects ,and not to worry about the paper not taking it anymore. Fun!

Dessin virtuel avec une tablette wacom. Le choix de pinceaux, crayons, effets, est tellement vaste, et en plus pas besoin de s’inquieter de la résistance du papier. trés ri-go-lo!


15 thoughts on “Tutti frutti

  1. This is really beautiful. I haven’t done any virtual painting with the Wacom in a long time. I think I am going to have to try it again. Can you tell me what software program you use? Photoshop? Painter X? other?



  2. this is so much fun to explore – the splashing of color and the energy of your line… i like the way you work with this medium. way fun. i often feel i get way too tight as i work, i like the feeling of spontaneous freedom you create in work like this. way cool.

      • hahahahaha. yeah, you have that “if it’s this way i want it that way and if it’s that way i want it this way” so right. …do you think that’s part of our human condition?

        i learned something about this concept well when mixing paint on my palette for a passage. there are two possibilities: either i mix too much or i mix not enough – mixing just the right amount is just not going to happen with me. so i try to mix more than what i think will be enough and then a little extra. that way i usually have enough. which i’ve gotten to like because i almost always have more than one thing i’m working on at any one time and i tend to use up that extra working into some of these other 10,000 things. i actually like that.

        still. we are funny creatures in life sometimes, yes? yeah, condition of being human.

        just so you know, i’d like to add your blog to my blog roll (probably in the next few days). if that’s not okay, let me know. thanks – aloha – Wrick

    • hahahaha aloha Benedicte – i see you got to the blog roll before i did. thank you for the reciprocation – i’ve now added yours (if you want it done differently let me know…).

      yeah. a little extra is a challenge to. . . no worries i think you understand the concept and your own system quite well without my yapping. the important part is to just keep working, yes. …and have fun. aloha.

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