Looking close

A close-up of a close-up ( click on the pictures to  get a larger view). Scanners, computers are very handy tools to see differently, getting so close to the painting, almost feeling the texture of the paper.

Watercolor and gouache. Sunflowers and Provence jar.

Gros plan d’un gros plan ( cliquez sur les photos pour une vue plus grande). Scanners, ordinateurs sont des outils très pratiques pour voir différemment, voir de tellement près qu’on peut presque sentir la texture du papier.

Aquarelle et gouache. Tournesols et jarre provençale.


15 thoughts on “Looking close

  1. very interesting Benedicte! =) I love the picture, but all I can say is that, you need an industrial sized scanner ^^ or just a good camera and lighting would do too.

  2. Thank you Sarah and Jen.
    Thanks Alex. My watercolor was too big (15″x18″) , I was a bit lazy to take a picture so I decided to scan it in several times, being too big for my home scanner. And I preferd the different versions much better.

  3. Hello Benedicte, I just read your comment and yes I’d be interested to trade. Do you have any selection which I could pick from and please tell me which card you’d like to have. My email is aleksitanninen(at)yahoo(dot)com

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