The cicada and the strawberry

The cicada and the strawberry

The cicada was on a shell , strawberries gently bending over. Clic, a photo was taken. Zoom, sent to Australia. Scritch, scritch… Gabrielle writes a poem,  splish splash, colours and water on the paper.

Song of the Cicada by Gabrielle Bryden

Some creatures sing until they die
the cicada being one

blase insect
indifferent to fate

singing is what matters
to the cicada

to live life crooning
among the strawberries
in spring, then
chanting in the summer
resonating through the heatwaves

reverberating in the garden forest
like the wind on the sea in a shell

one is joined by many
and a choir of cicadas
roar their pleasure

feel their song
vibrate to the centre of your being

Gabrielle is a wonderfully creative writer. We met via pictures of her incredible chickens, one of them being Pompadour. You can see them on her blog, it is worth a visit! Click here.

La cigale était sur un coquillage, des fraises se balançant doucement au dessus.
Clic une photo est prise. Zoom, expédiée en Australie. Scritch, scritch, Gabrielle écrit un poème,…splich, splach, des couleurs, de l’eau sur le papier.

Gabrielle écrit avec talent, créativité et style. Nous nous sommes rencontrées par les photos de ses incroyables poules, une étant Pompadour. Vous pouvez les voir sur son blog, vaut le détour! Cliquez ici


11 thoughts on “The cicada and the strawberry

  1. Hahahaha! Thank you so much Benedicte 🙂
    I love your picture too. We must do this again – it was fun and good for developing a new perspective. I was stuck at the beginning with the three seemingly unrelated objects/things (strawberry, cicada, shell) but got there in the end thanks to brainstorming, wikipedia, my children and strange dreams.

  2. Très Belle Cigale!!! et ces un connaisseur de cigale qui le dit, Midi de la France oblige!
    Il ne fait pas bon travailler, quand la cigale chante(proverbe du Sud de la France)
    Ici! nous les chatouillons sur le ventre et elles rigolent…. (de moi)
    Amicalement Bernard…

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