Why drawing with your non dominant hand?

self portrait with non dominant hand

Why drawing with your non dominant hand? A question often asked. The main reason, I truly enjoy it. When I draw with my left hand, the sup positively non dominant one, I forget  all technical questions  about lay out, proportions, contrast. I have just one thing to focus on, the hand following the eye.

These portraits were done for the Julia Kay’s portrait party, a very active and interesting Flickr group. Many more portraits here : JKPP

Pourquoi dessiner avec sa main non dominante? Une question souvent posée. La raison principale c’est parceque j’aime vraiment ça. Quand je dessine de la main gauche, la main supposée non dominante, j’oublie toutes les questions techniques pour le contraste, la mise en page, les proportions. Je ne me concentre que sur les mouvements de ma main qui suivent les mouvements de mon oeil.

Ces portraits ont été fait pour le Julia Kay’s portrait party, un groupe flickr interessant et actif. Beaucoup d’autres portraits à voir ici.


23 thoughts on “Why drawing with your non dominant hand?

  1. These portraits are really good, it’s hard to believe that they have been done with your non dominant hand! I know this kind of exercise, a few years ago I was given some lessons about drawing and this was one step that at first surprised me, but then I found it very useful! …Anyway, my drawings made with the left hand weren’t so good at all!

  2. Amazing job with non-dominant hand! I tried to draw a straight line with my left hand and seriously I couldn’t do it at all, let alone drawing anything that looks recognizable. ^^

  3. Yes! Tht’s exactly how I feel when I draw with my non-dominant hand. And these are excellent, they have a lovely spontaneous quality to them – keep going!

  4. Ta main non dominante est devenue un virtuose. Bravo pour beaucoup des portraits étonnants de vérité et charmants. J’aime l’auto-portrait le mieux. Tous sont biens observés.

  5. Tes portraits de la main gauche sont incroyablement expressifs. En plus la composition est géniale, et la différence d’épaisseur des traits donne une super impression de profondeur. Faut que j’essaie, ne serait-ce que pour voir si je ressens aussi ce que tu expliques!

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