Three years ago I sketched this tree on a very cold February morning. The sketching was very speedy due to the very cold crispy day. I have done several drawings from this sketch, it was worth it.

Il y a trois ans, j’ai fait un croquis de ce pin un matin glacial de février. Un croquis ultra rapide , il faisait si froid. Mais  ça valait la peine, j’en ai fait plusieurs dessins.


17 thoughts on “Sunset

    • Thanks Alex, yes, water soluble pastel is great for certain subjects. I was not very clear with the explanation, I did a sketch outside of the pine, and then several different drawings like the one above, inside, in real comfort!

  1. Lovely drawing and isn’t it amazing how making a drawing stores up so many memories too. Alot stored on a small paper.

    What a bright sky and energetic tree! Both seem to hark the summer of the present tense.

  2. I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to do as many portraits as I would like, but I have to admit it is nice to change things up sometimes. I like this. The clouds and the trees are so well done!

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