Portrait Party

Shitao Raena N.C.-Mallory Jerry Waese Ujwala_0003w Ujwala_0001w

Ever tried to find a model to do a  portrait? It is  very difficult, for the model and for the portraitist, because the expectations are very high on both sides.

Ever heard of a portrait party? It is a party where  guests alternate roles, pausing  or drawing.  Fun but difficult to set up.

And this is why Julia Kay’s portrait party is such a great idea.

Above, a few artists I drew. And click here to see my portrait by other artists.

Avez-vous déjà essayé de faire le portrait de quelqu’un? C’est difficile autant pour le modèle que le portraitiste parce que les attentes sont  hautes des deux cotées.

Avez-vous déjà entendu parler d’un “portrait party”? Les invités y  changent de rôles, dessinant ou pausant. Amusant mais difficile aussi à réaliser.

Et c’est pourquoi le Julia Kay’s portrait party est une idée de génie.

En-haut quelques artistes que j’ai dessiné. Cliquez  ici pour voir mon portrait  fait par d’autres artistes.


10 thoughts on “Portrait Party

  1. This is very exciting and it was great to see your photos (and then portraits). The portrait of you by mariahonell is awesome. They are all so varied, interesting and wonderful 🙂

    • Thanks Gabe, it is really exciting to be able to experiment both sides, being portaited and portraiting others. Being on both sides, quite unusual. I love all these portraits made of me, they are so different and interesting.

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