The right paper

The tree and the mountain.

Experimenting with kraft paper, I am still looking for the right paper. It is easier to blame the paper when the result is not satisfactory.

The second one is a virtual variation, done with the computer after scanning, looks almost like a découpage.

L’arbre et la montagne.

Recherche du  papier idéal, exercice sur papier kraft. Il n’y a pas de mauvais papier…mais c’est plus facile de blâmer le papier quand le résultat est pauvre.

Le 2e est une variation virtuelle, fait à l’ordinateur après avoir été scanné, presqu’un découpage.


5 thoughts on “The right paper

  1. Sometimes after playing around with images on the ordinateur, I used to like to redraw the image on paper — making a drawing of what it looked like after the computer alteration, flipping back and forth between drawing by hand and manipulated images. Wonder what it would be like if you drew very freely the blue version ….

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