The art of bread

It is almost a year since I made  my first home made bread.  Bread making is like art making: visual, tactile, few basic  ingredients, flour, water, salt, sourdough. And with these basic ingredients so many different things can be done. Like in art.

There are many blogs and informations about bread making, I like to look at  this one  votre pain for inspiration. Beautiful pictures and recipes from so many different people, a pleasure to see all the variations. (in French, but easy to understand, even with the automatic translation)

J’ai fait mon premier pain maison il y a presque un an. Faire du pain c’est faire de l’art: visuel, tactile, quelques ingrédients de base simple, farine, eau, sel, levain. Et de là, on peut faire tellement de choses. Comme en art.

Il y a beaucoup de blogs et d’informations sur le pain maison.  J’aime beaucoup regarder celui-ci votre pain pour m’inspirer. De belles photos et  recettes de nombreux participants, un plaisir de voir une telle variété.


33 thoughts on “The art of bread

  1. Oooh, these look yummy (especially the tomato one)!
    Doesn’t it sometimes feel necessary to get your hands dirty and/or make something demanding less fine motor skills than drawing? I just had this longing last night and sew a dress. Not as mouth-watering as these but still useful 🙂

  2. Wow, these look fabulous! I make quite a lot of bread, probably a loaf every other day, but you’re clearly using lots of different recipes. Any favourites?

    • My favorites are the one with sourdough, so now I even use sourdough with yeast. I love the flat bread type like fougasse or foccacia, not shown on the pictures, they will be for an other post!
      Thank you Mary.

  3. Mind I say, they look stunningly delicious! =) I don’t know how to bake any bread but I know that I would love to live close to a bakery so that I could get to smell freshly baked bread everyday

  4. I love the smell of baking bread. I occasionally make a gluten/dairy free load for Michael – when I can’t buy it at the store – I use a bread machine (a bit like cheating) and it comes out very nice – almost like normal bread, and makes the house smell beautiful. Your loaves look scrumptious.

  5. And what a delightful looking art it is, OMG I wish I could have a bite… I just love bread, but cant eat it (sigh)… Its so true, baking is an art form, I always loved the colours of baked bread, all the different browns and golden colours.

  6. Ouah, ils sont magnifiques. Tu me donnes envie! C’est sacré, le pain! Mais c’est mieux quand on peut le partager – il faut une famille et/ou les copains! Je vais aller voir le site que tu conseilles et rêver un peu!

  7. These loaves look wonderful. I have mashed potatoes in the fridge. Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat cool. I think I will make some yeast bread. For tonight I will make a plain Irish soda bread.

  8. These breads look amazing! What a talent to be able to produce such elegant, varied, mouth-watering loaves. Wish i could have a bite!

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