Pollen and coffee

I like the act of doing, the creation part that brings me into the zone. It is what I try to pass on in my workshops at the hospital. The participants have chronic pain and most of them never draw before, but they are coming, and try with a lot of enthusiasm. I wish they find peace and relaxation when they are in the zone. You can see in this blog “coup de pinceau” ( brush stroke) what we are doing.

The above picture was done with pollen from a lily, espresso coffee and my favorite Chinese brush.

J’aime l’acte de créer qui me porte vers la zone et c’est ce que j’essaie de passer dans les ateliers que je donne à l’hôpital. Les participants souffrent de douleurs chroniques et la plupart n’ont jamais dessiné avant mais ils viennent et essaient avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme. J’espère qu’ils trouveront un peu de paix et de relaxation quand ils atteindront cette zone. Vous pouvez voir dans ce blog “coup de pinceau” ce que nous faisons.

La peinture ci-haut est faite avec le pollen d’un lys, du café espresso et mon pinceau chinois préféré.


15 thoughts on “Pollen and coffee

  1. This is a beautiful piece – like a wild rugged landscape seen in a dream – and merging somehow into a wild exhilarating sea. I think you must be an inspirational teacher because you are so willing to take creative risks, to try things and experiment freely.

  2. Wonderful creation with extremely creative media ^^ And I do believe that this is what art is all about… create with colors around you =)
    I hope your computer is fixed, or probably there’s something wrong with blogger. Not that none of us have not experienced that. You hear me Blogger??? Fix the bugs or you should be renamed to Bugger instead! :p

  3. I went to the blog and was most impressed by their work. I’ve no doubt after seeing what they’ve done that they really gained a lot from doing that wonderful art. nancy

  4. Merci Martine, tous ces commentaires me font trés plaisir et encouragent beaucoup les participants de ces ateliers a continuer.

    Thanks Alex, I agree with you, art is about what’s around you. Glad to know that I am not alone to have problems!

    Thank you Nancy, I do too find them very talented even id they don’t yet believe me

  5. The patients must have been so proud. You certainly helped to cheer them. Your picture shows that there is no excuse about drawing in one can’t find their favorite pen or paint.

  6. Great painting and with such an unusual medium! From the looks of your students artwork, they are doing wonderfully. I am sure your teaching them is a blessing and a marvelous respite from their difficulties.

  7. Pollen de lys et café – étonnant! Très beau résultat (je suis en train de lire un livre qui se passe partiellement dans l’Himalaya et ton dessin m’y a transporté instantanément!)

  8. I see mountains and clouds and wind – so free! Wonderful what you are doing with them – must take them away from their pain for a time.

  9. thank you to everyone for your kind comments and also for looking at the blog “coup de pinceau”.
    It is great for all the participants to know that we are looking and appreciating what they are doing.

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