8 thoughts on “Hockey night=iPod doodle night

  1. Sympa! ça fait une super jolie mosaïque!
    Ton dessin du chat en dessous est fabuleux. Ce chat a une expression incroyable : )! (et très beau style !)
    J’aime beaucoup tes iris aussi, surtout le premier qui a des couleurs magnifiques.

  2. How could you doodle when hockey is on!? I’ll forgive the Habs for knocking my Caps out of the running, as long as you guys oust the Pens as well!

    I think the pink bird is my favorite too!

  3. I am with the ample goddess, to a point. How can you doodle and watch hockey?!? However, I am a Pens fan 😉 so we differ there.

    I have sketchbook for my touch, but I lack the time to play around with it. I would love for you to show us a step by step of a drawing on Brushes.

    Oh, and I like the first one, with the red flowers best, but all are wonderful.

  4. for the hockey fans I have to say that I still hear the essential ” et c’est le buuuuuuut”! Thank you amplegoddess and Donna.
    Donna, it is a good idea, I will do a step by step drawing on brushes. I have also sketchbook and find it harder to operate.

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