it’s raining…

It’s raining…in fact it’s snowing today!

Il pleut…en fait il neige aujourd’hui!


17 thoughts on “it’s raining…

  1. Thats so neat, love the look on the cats face (she/he looks like he had the same thought as my dog did this morning looking out at the snow).
    Did you do this in ink or watercolours? well done

  2. Hmmm. Lost my comment. Your loose and free, annoyed kitty in the snow gave me the excuse to scan down your blog, which I haven’t done in some time. Powerful black and whites, bold color paintings! Good stuff!

  3. Mari, I used Chinese black ink. Yesterday we all had that look! Thank you for your visit.
    Thank you Nancy, Dan and Gabrielle.
    As I said once to Dan, the positive thing about snow is no mosquitoes…

  4. Great expression on that kitty! It’s a wonderful drawing. There were some areas here, above 3500ft., that had snow last evening, and we woke up to temps at freezing this morning. Ah, spring!

  5. Thank you all for visiting and commenting,
    the snow has melted so dogs and cats and humans are happy again…

  6. Like everyone else I have to congratulate you on the fantastic expression that only a cat would have when faced with snow! Brilliant. Real indignation….

  7. Thank you for all the nice comment, the cat is ok now, no more snow…back to normal.
    Le chat est heureux!

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