The top drawing is inspired by the iris series of the previous post. I wanted to use colors I don’t use normally to paint irises. The black and white iris are done with a Chinese brush and Chinese ink, with out thinking at any particular goal, recreation.

La série d’iris du dernier post m’a inspirée le dessin du haut. Je voulais utiliser des couleurs que je ne prends pas habituellement pour peindre des iris. Les iris en noir et blanc sont a l’encre de Chine avec pinceau chinois, sans essayer quoique ce soit, une récréation.


12 thoughts on “Iris

  1. Seems like a fun experiment! I honestly love both versions… not because I am a chinese and all, but I admire both colors and monochrome drawings, eventhough the subject is the same, the effects clearly are not. =) I don’t really have the patience to do the same subject in different media…I am not sure why

  2. I really like the looseness here and the brush drawing is great – I like the roughness of the background handling against the more delicate flower.

  3. Thank you very much to every one.
    Alex, I am not used to do series either, I have to change subject to keep interested, don’t know why also!
    Thanks Gabrielle, when I use the Chinese brush it is always so much fun like, a recreation.
    Nancy, Cathy, Raena and Ramona, thank you for looking and commenting on these experiments.

  4. lovely drawings and Degas would be proud (you know, “il faut refaire, etc” ….)

    now he’ll want you to “get down and give [him] fifty”

    that would be a serious bouquet!

  5. Thank you Revelle and Timaree.
    Aletha, I am thinking about that serious bouquet now! Hope Degas agrees with you because I admire his art a lot.

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