click, click, click…


Above, the original artwork: watercolour, inks, watersoluble pastel Neocolor II on cardboard.
Below, after a few clicks in the computer different versions: black and white, flipped and reverse colour , and the final one flipped and reverse colour with a touch of yellow.

En haut l’original: aquarelle, encres, pastel soluble à l’eau Neocolor II sur carton.
En dessous, après quelques clics a l’ordinateur différentes versions: noir et blanc,  sens et  couleur  inversé, et le dernier sens et couleur inversé avec une touche de jaune.

Iris in grey



19 thoughts on “click, click, click…

  1. Well, the original certainly brings Van Gogh to mind – it’s stunning. All the variations are very interesting to the likes of me – a bear of little brain when it comes to computer things! nancy

  2. My favorite is the original, but the others look great too! The first and the last do remind me of van Gogh! The gray one looks like a useful tool for making sure that you have values in your drawings/paintings!

  3. As Raena said this reminds me of Van Gogh, alithat energetic fluid linework – which is very lovely by the way – and I like the original and the last version’s best. The greyscale looks like a usefool tool for checking things tho!

  4. Thank you for all the kind comments, these variations are good to see differently for me, colours I would not try, and as Gabrielle said they have a scary feel.

  5. Thank you for the comment and the suggestion to use chinese paint brush. Incidently I do have a set of chinese paint brush I bought a few weeks ago. I just didn’t have the time to use it. I remember used to only use those when I was in primary school because they were the cheapest brushes available. =) I forgot how fun they are when it comes to making elegant strokes

  6. C’est addictif cette technique! je préfère l’original, mais les “trafiqués” sont fascinants, dans leur genre. Ton dessin original a une énergie et une puissance à la Van Gogh, avec ses couleurs saturées, presque violentes! (j’adore : ) !)

  7. Merci Delph, cela donne une vision tellement différente de les trafiquer, interessant a faire de temps en temps.
    Aletha, how sweet to say that! Merci beaucoup.

  8. J’adore tes iris! Eclatants!
    Le “trafiqué “bleu a un petit côté angoissant mais très interessant.
    Le jaune est plus sage.

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