A magical click

One click, one second, tada…a new drawing!

Un clic, une seconde, tada…un nouveau dessin!

A bit longer to do with one brush.

Un peu plus long à faire avec un pinceau.


20 thoughts on “A magical click

  1. Oh, ça c’est étrange! J’aime mieux le “vrai”, plus mystérieux, plus profond. Mais j’aime quand même beaucoup le nouveau en 1 click! Les traits donnent un super effet! Chouette procédé!

  2. J’aime beaucoup ces 2 arbres. Ils ont de la personnalité. On dirait 2 êtres humains.
    I really love those trees, they seem to have their own personal chemistry like human being.

    • Hi Paul, and thank you for the wow. I have used Photoshop, considering that I know how tu use o, oooo1% of its capabilities , I wonder what I could do with better knowledge.

  3. I think you can do an incredible amount combining digital and hand rendered work – this looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Hahahaha.. I know that trick on Corel Painter. =) I don’t use it but I love the function. If I were to be a professional illustrator, perhaps that’d be my favorite button. You drawing is as lovely as always though!
    Thanks for your comments on my kitty and the video, I am glad you liked them. And thanks for noticing that the cat has long legs too. I told my wife the other day and she realized that too, perhaps this one is going to be a fast runner ^^

  5. Really interesting comparison! Did the computer do it from a photo? I am hopless with computers and images so I have no idea how it works… Love your drawing though, I don´t think any computer could compete with hand made art really….

  6. Thank you Kevin,
    Anna, I scanned my watercolor (the second one on the page) and then transformed it in the computer, the first one on the page. Thank you for your comment.

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