More or less

More or less is always a question when I am dealing with colours. When I draw it seems to be more instinctive. I did this watercolour in two days. The first day was “less”, minimalist, light colours, light shapes. The second day was “more”. More colours, more contrast, scratch the paper for more contrast.

Plus ou moins est toujours la question quand j’utilise des couleurs. Quand je dessine, c’est plus instinctif. J’ai fait cette aquarelle en deux jours. Le premier jour c’était “moins”, minimaliste, couleurs légères, formes devinées. Le deuxième jour c’était “plus”. Plus de couleurs, plus de contraste, érafler le papier pour plus de contraste encore.


14 thoughts on “More or less

  1. You’ve got a great feeling for colors. I love this one, it feels like it’s surrounded by a secret and at the same time it’s got something soothing, it just looks “whole” to me. Very beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more! ♥♥♥

  2. I think the only way to decide more or less is to do lots of both – at least, that’s the way I’m approaching it! I like this – it has great atmosphere.

  3. I’d have to agree, you’ve created wonderful atmosphere in this painting! And I like the way you approached it, less the first day, more the second. I feel stuck in my watercolors at the moment, and this seems like a great experiment!

    • Do both, yes, it is easier than having to choose, thanks Aletha. A big problem though is consistency…after a few I have to do something else.

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