Letters. Writing, reading, communicating, loved one far away, pretty air mail envelopes, pretty stamps, flying over the oceans with letters on their back.

Letters was the subject for March at the studio

Lettres. Ecrire, lire, communiquer, ceux qu’on aime sont loin, de jolies enveloppes par avion, de jolis timbres, volant par dessus les océans avec des lettres sur leur dos.

Lettres, le sujet de mars au studio


17 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Such a great product inspired from mere memories! I can’t imagine the way it was in the 50s, but I can tell you that my mom is still behaving the same way when it comes to phone calls. She’s always so eager to hang up very quickly even when I told her that it costs me 10cents a minute using Skype when I am calling home in Malaysia from Louisiana. =)
    Love the post!

  2. I wouldn’t do away with email, internet, cell phones, but I have to admit I LOVE letters. Especially illustrated ones! I wish more of my friends felt the same way! This is a wonderful piece of art!

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