A fact

It is a fact, colors influence each other.

C’est un fait, les couleurs s’influencent.

After drawing my hand, as a warm-up for the starting week, I remembered these two framing done on the computer of a little landscape I did. I started adding different colors  and looked back . The colors are starting to chat…

Comme réchauffement pour la semaine qui commence j’ai fait quelques croquis de ma main et je me suis souvenue de deux encadrements fait à l’ordinateur d’un de mes petits paysages . J’ai commencé à ajouter des couleurs et j’ai regardé. Les couleurs commencent à bavarder…


11 thoughts on “A fact

  1. Yes, colors do influence one another – your painting is wonderful. Your hand studies are marvelous – all the different poses and so well done! nancy

  2. It is interesting how the frames affect the perception of color in the painting. I think I like the second one best. Your hand sketches are very well done.

  3. Marvelous! The clouds are absolutely stunning! And the lights and shadows cast over the water… simply beautiful.
    The hands are so well proportioned too ^^

  4. thank you to all of you,
    Gabrielle, yes I have seen the blog theme for photos, did not tried it yet!

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