Creativity or a pill?

I made this painting  for creativity workshops  I am giving  at a hospital for people with chronic pain.  I enjoy doing them very much. My main goals are to have them discover the pleasure of creating, have  them experiment the feeling of being in the zone when creating . I think that we all are creative people but sometimes we forget it with life, problems, pain.

J’ai fait cette peinture pour des ateliers de créativité que je donne dans un hôpital pour des personnes avec douleurs chroniques . Mes buts sont de leur faire découvrir le plaisir de créer, de leur faire expérimenter le plaisir d’être dans la zone quand on crée. Je pense que nous sommes tous des êtres créatifs mais que quelque fois on l’oublie avec la vie, les problèmes, la douleur.


18 thoughts on “Creativity or a pill?

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for both you and your students! I totally agree with the benefits that being creative have to offer. Your piece is great – I like it very much. nancy

  2. This is a wonderful, wonderful piece and I love that you are teaching this idea to people. I keep trying to convince those around me to try it, but all they say is, I can’t draw. I don’t think people always realize how therapeutic it can be!!

  3. Thank you to every one, I really appreciate all your very nice and supportive comments.
    Yes, art is therapeutic, but I am not a therapist. I just try to pass the little things I know about drawing and creating and have fun with them, and we do.

  4. That’s an absolutely beautiful work Benedicte. I couldn’t stop looking at how pretty the tree is, and I am sure that helps in giving people hope and some sort of relief one way or another, because by simply looking at it, it’s brought me to a whole new horizon.
    I can’t figure out how it’s done, but it’s definitely impressive, and I admire every stroke of paint.

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments.
    I am always interested to read about the medium and technique used but I always forget to talk about it!
    Chinese ink (black), water soluble pastel, gouache on red Japanese paper, folded and creased before being glued to watercolor paper.

  6. Beautiful painting. Art therapy has so many rewards for everyone involved. I hope that by learning from you, they can reacquaint themselves with the sunlight in their lives that’s been clouded over by their pain.

  7. Thank you Donna and Sherie,
    It is true that giving is as good as receiving. I try giving them at least the pleasure of creating.

  8. Très belle oeuvre pour illustrer cette activité si particulière : Redonner le goût de vivre à ceux qui souffrent. Et l’arbre est bien le symbole de la vie! Bravo Ben!

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