non dominant hand

dominant hand

After drawing from photos, and inspired by Sarah, Curious Crow, I did a few blind contour drawings, some in the 2nd page shown, and non-dominant hand drawings. All these exercises are always an amazement, I found  these drawings  very touching.

Après avoir dessiné d’après photos, et inspirée par Sarah, Curious Crow, j’ai fait quelques dessins de contour à l’aveugle, quelques uns montrés dans la 2e page, et des dessins de la main non-dominante. Tous ces exercices sont toujours étonnants et je trouve ces dessins trés touchants.


14 thoughts on “Contour

  1. Your faces are very good. I don’t know what blind contour drawings mean? (does it mean you are not looking at a picture?). That must feel very strange drawing from your non-dominant hand. Well done Benedicte.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I like your pages very much – and your non-dom hand drawings have a lovely sensitive line – I hope you keep going with these.

  3. Blind contour is drawing looking at the subject all the time and never at the paper (there are different words I think for this type of exercise) .
    Both exercises are really fun to do and very revealing of what we really see. Thank you Gabrielle.

    Thank you Sarah, I want to try them outside. Very interesting technique.

  4. Love the facial expressions! Beautiful sketches undoubtedly and you’ve improved so much really!
    Thanks for your comments on my soldier drawing too ^^ I really appreciate it

  5. Tous tes portraits sont épatants, ils sont vivants, on les sent dans l’action, l’émotion. Etonnant le résultat de ta main non dominante, c’est un super portrait, mais d’une sensibilité et d’un style très différents! Tu me donnes envie d’essayer!
    J’adore le dessin de ton bureau, “a picture in a picture”, hyper cool ( chouette sujet, les bureaux et le papier, que du bonheur… : ) !)
    ça me fait super plaisir de savoir que tu te balades avec ma liste de bouquins : ) ! J’espère que tu aimeras le Atkinson.

  6. Excellent, excellent!! And the drawing with the non-dom hand turned out well indeed! Recently I did one accidentally with my non-dom and I really liked the way it turned out. I just couldn’t post it because I would have had to ask permission from the original artist! Your sketchbook pages are starting to look a lot like mine, full of faces!!

  7. Merci Delph, c’est assez surprenant de dessiner de sa main non dominante, je vais continuer.
    Thank you Raena, I was always interested in drawing faces but never satisfied with the results…

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