Surfing on pencil

from National Geographic

Still on the wave of pencil portraits, portraits of humans, animals, and other creatures. The first one is from the National Geographic February issue,  the second one is from a book on special effects in movies by Pascal Pinteau, anyone you recognize?

Je surfe encore sur la vague du portrait au crayon, portraits de personnes, d’animaux et autres créatures. Le premier est tiré du National Geographic de février, le second d’un livre sur les effets spéciaux au cinéma de Pascal Pinteau, vous reconnaissez quelqu’un?


8 thoughts on “Surfing on pencil

  1. I’ve been missing out alot Benedicte ^^ your sketches are beautiful!
    I’ll take your advice in doing urban sketching… just right now I can’t really pick a spot that says “this is how my city looks like” yet. Once I do, I’ll work on it and post it up. =) Thanks for the comment and the valuable tip.

  2. These are wonderful! Yes, I recognize most of them. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog and to tell you I appreciate your candidness about the piece. I think most people find it hard to comment when something isn’t good. That piece just wasn’t a good one and I knew it.

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