I think of them as springboards. My springboards are all the info I can get, giving me new momentum. The newest one was from Raena, in a comment, mentioning Matt Archambault video.
After looking at this video about portrait, I had to try. Everything made sense, even the simplest one  of keeping the pencil pointy. Thank you Raena.
Je les appelle mes tremplins. Toutes les informations que je ramasse sont des tremplins me donnant un nouvel élan. Le plus récent est  de Raena, dans un commentaire, mentionnant les videos de Matt Archambault . Après avoir regardé ce vidéo d’un portrait, il fallait que j’essaie. Tout les conseils donnés tellement logique, même le plus simple, avoir un crayon bien taillé. Merci Raena.


13 thoughts on “Springboard

  1. Oh, your portraits look great! Are these life-drawings or did you use pictures as references? Anyways, they’re amazing. And it looks so…. effortlessly perfect!

  2. Thank you very much,
    all these were done from magazines and a few from pictures on the computer, it made me realize that it is easier for me when the reference material is side by side with my paper.

  3. I agree it is so much easier to do a portrait when I have the original on paper rather than on my computer.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun with these portraits, well done. I will have a look at the video you recommended too!

  4. A lovely combination of images blending together on the page. The drawings are so light and full of character. I will have to look at the video you mentioned. Thanks

  5. How wonderful! I’ve been absent for several days and missed this video until now. I’m so glad you shared it again here – It’s gotten me excited about rough sketching portraits again. Thank you so much

  6. Thank you, merci,
    I enjoyed doing these pages and I am so pleased to read all your comments, it is an other springboard!

  7. It is nice to see you Aletha, thank you.
    Have you been reading “le petit Nicolas” when sick? Trop formidable is certainly something he would say.

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