Short film/court métrage

Cruelle Nature

Look, son, these footprints show us the cruel nature where a predator, with no feint, eat a chick, weak and pure, yep?

Regarde, fils, ces empreintes nous montrent la cruelle nature ou un prédateur sans feintes croque un oisillon faible et pur, ah ouais?


11 thoughts on “Short film/court métrage

  1. thank you Nancy, Gabrielle and Raena.
    I have a lot of admiration for people able to tell a story and Gabrielle you are one of them.

  2. I just got your comment about Matt’s youtube videos, couldn’t find your email address on here, so I’m leaving you the info here. Hope you don’t mind!

    Most of Matt’s good stuff is on his website, which you have to join to have access. The good news is that he has a seven day trial for one dollar, and you get a free dvd if you stay a month. A month is only 12.95! I’ve just canceled my membership because I’ve seen all the videos now and feel confident to be on my own. There is so much content there! Tons of videos, but also reference photos. Oh, and a critique section! If I were working, I’d stay on. If you choose to just do the seven day trial, you should at least watch all the Drawing The Human Figure, The Layered Approach videos. That would be an excellent investment of a dollar!

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