3 minutes please!

A sessi0n of figure drawing from last week. My favorites to do are always the very short pause, 3 minutes. And we get only two. With the longer one, 45 minutes, I always end up doing several drawings, I can’t spend a long time on one drawing and I don’t know why.

Une session de modèles vivants de la semaine dernière. Les pauses de 3 minutes sont mes préférées à dessiner. On n’en a que deux. Avec les plus longues, les 45 minutes, comme je n’arrive pas à rester longtemps sur le même dessin, sans savoir pourquoi, je finis toujours par en faire plusieurs.


14 thoughts on “3 minutes please!

  1. Great sketches! It’s wonderful to get that much information in such a short duration! Check out Matthew Archambault’s youtube videos. I belong to his website and he goes into detail as to how to develop your drawing further in the longer poses.

  2. Merci, thank you for the encouragements, figure drawing is always a challenge for me!
    Raena, there are many interesting videos by Matthew Archambault, thank you for the link.
    Gabrielle, you would be surprise after a year of drawing at what you would do.

  3. Really good figure drawings! I’m impressed that you can see so much in only 3 minutes and transform it into 2D!
    I have the same “problem” with working on a picture for longer – I soon get bored or fed up with it. Therefore, I really like the idea of using a sketchbook instead of bigger loose sheets or canvas.

    • Thank you for your nice comment. I also prefer to work on sketchbooks, more difficult to tear everything at the end of the session.

  4. To draw out the session, perhaps somehow try to find inside the pose passages of interest that form intriguing parts within the whole — mentally moving back and forth between the sense of the whole and interest in these select parts — also probably depends a lot on the pose, some being more interesting than others — 45 minutes is a long time! Nothing wrong with making multiple views!

  5. Thank you Aletha, it is something that I never thought, drawing a part, if I understand correctly.
    And it is something I will try, very exciting idea!

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