Gat’ minimalist’

In the previous post, Gato minimalisto, this comment from Aletha ” I think you could make a cat in fewer lines still” got me thinking- doodling.  I love lines. More than volumes, shadings, I love lines, as much as colours.

And then, after many  lines, came back  shapes,  masses, shadings. I could not resist and the minimalist lines were forgotten… I love shapes and volumes and shadings…a walk on the frontier of two world, the contour or  the mass.

Dans le post précédent, Gato minimalisto, ce commentaire d’Aletha, “je pense que tu peux faire un chat avec moins de lignes encore” m’a fait refléchir-dessiner. J’adore les lignes. Plus que les volumes, les ombrages, j’adore les lignes autant que la couleur.

Et  après beaucoup de lignes, les formes, les masses les ombrages ont ré-apparus. Je ne pouvais pas y résister et les lignes minimalistes étaient oubliées…J’adore les formes, les volumes, les ombres… une promenade à la frontière de deux mondes, le contour ou la masse.


14 thoughts on “Gat’ minimalist’

  1. Isn’t it amazing that the eye and brain can interpret the cat with such little information. Well done Ben and that last cat with the shading is lovely. It’s like finding shapes in the passing clouds. I love the way you’ve cut down the title as well.

  2. Absolutely Benedicte ^^ I could tell instantly that you’re drawing a cat…a very curious and cute cat. Great job and it’s an awesome idea… I must learn this and show it to kids

  3. What great training for the artist eye! I think I’ll incorporate it into the start of each drawing in public days as an exercise to get focused. Thanks!!!

  4. thank you so much to every one for commenting, and sorry for responding late. I am always interested to know what people think or feel about these drawings.
    As Phyllis suggested, it is a good exercise to start with to get focused.

  5. Great blog! You work many different ways. Our figure drawing group starts with 5 2 min poses then 20 minute ones. I move around for most of the 20’s and do shorter ones. Love the minimal ones I work in wire much like contour drawings where you have tro minimize allot too
    continued success!

  6. thank you Lyn, I try to move around too if we are not too many, some sessions are crowded!
    I tried to find your blog but could access just the profile.

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