Gato minimalisto


9 thoughts on “Gato minimalisto

  1. Interesting remark, Aletha, I have to see how much I can still remove, thank you.
    Thank you Gabrielle, would you write a song about “gato minimalisto”?

  2. Great title. This songwriting gig is harder than I thought it would be – they didn’t like my first effort very much (so have to revise most of it) – sigh! I think I better stick to poetry.

  3. I wasn’t going to say anything, but Blanca is a little disappointed that there’s no Hamster Minimalisto. She understands that for inexplicable reasons people like cats, but she’s not happy. (And I’ll bet that Chinese Chicken’s feeling a little put out too!)

  4. so many ideas to explore, thank you to my kind muses.
    Blanca and Pompi…patience, ça mijote (it is simmering).

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