From flamingo to pigeon

Drawing from “How to” books is a good way to draw things not easily available, like a flamingo. After this little exercise I thought of what I do have in the neighborhood…pigeons and squirrels. The first page is inspired by a Walter Foster book ( priced at $2!)  and the second page from photos I shot of pigeons feasting on popcorn.

Dessiner d’après des livres donne accés à des choses qu’on ne voit pas facilement comme des flamands roses.  Après ce petit exercice je me suis mise à penser à ce que j’avais dans mon coin …des pigeons, des écureuils. La première page est d’aprés un livre de Walter Foster (à $2!)  et la deuxième page d’après des photos que j’ai prises de pigeons se gavant de pop corn.


15 thoughts on “From flamingo to pigeon

  1. thank you to every one, I really appreciate all comments.
    I am discovering the pleasure of drawing what you see even if not as exotic as flamingo.

  2. Very nice, like I’m sitting in a park, watching the critters. My boys would always pick out “How to draw ” books at the library, and I’d fuss that they should pick out books to read. Now MOM’s the one picking out how to draw books!

  3. Wow! I could almost hear all of them chirping 🙂 so very full of life indeed… and that’s one thing I see a lot here in Louisiana….birds.
    I really love watching birds fly, giving the sense of freedom, and your drawings do just that Benedicte!
    Feels great to be back and thank you so much for your comment ^^

  4. I forgot to answer the question, yes they do have paper cups in Germany, but if you order those Grande in McCafe…then usually they’d give you big porcelain cups ^^

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